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We have all heard of people put in jail for months or years for crimes most people would call “minor.” Possession of small amounts of drugs is one frequent example. At Law Office of Ryan D. Blake in Holladay, Utah, I do not believe there is such a thing as a “minor” crime. Any conviction in the Salt Lake City metro area has the potential to derail a person’s life, whether the crime was a misdemeanor or a felony. I founded my law firm because I believe every person accused of a crime deserves solid representation. When you need someone to stand up for your rights, you can count on me.

Preserving your reputation and freedom in sex crime cases

Serious legal punishments, sex offender registration and lifelong social stigma make sex crime accusations extremely serious. I help my clients navigate both the legal aspects and those affecting their reputation. I offer strong defense against any Utah sex crime charge, including rape, enticing a minor, polygamy, aggravated sexual abuse of a child, prostitution and soliciting a prostitute. I handle everything from Class C misdemeanors to first degree felonies.

Powerful defense against drug charges

I have extensive experience with the Utah Controlled Substances Act, the law that outlines our state’s drug crimes. I have successfully defended clients in cases involving marijuana, heroin, codeine, cocaine, oxycodone and a variety of other drugs from Schedule I to Schedule V. If you are charged with drug possession, drug distribution, drug manufacturing, criminal enterprise, drug trafficking or any other drug crime, I will defend you as aggressively as Utah prosecutes drug cases. I also help clients take advantage of alternatives to incarceration, such as Utah’s recently established drug courts program.

Don’t lose your freedom to a drunk driving conviction

Whether this is your first DWI/DUI (usually a Class A or B misdemeanor) or you are a repeat offender (usually a felony), I am here to stand up for your rights. I will do everything possible to protect your driver license and keep you out of jail. I look for DUI defenses such as lack of probable cause to stop your vehicle, a faulty Breathalyzer, improperly administered field sobriety tests or incorrectly handled blood tests.

Defense for any misdemeanor or felony

Law Office of Ryan D. Blake handles nearly any type of crime case, whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony, from Class A misdemeanors like petty theft that carry up to a year in jail and $2,500 fines to Class C misdemeanors like public intoxication that carry 90 days in jail and a $750 fine. For felonies, I can defend you against charges for anything from a third degree felony such as aggravated assault to a first degree felony such as rape.

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